Author: Irene Anton

Follow up meeting of the project “Bacterial nanocellulose to treat ocular surface disorders”

Last 26th February 2019 Irene Anton, Anna Laromaine and Anna Roig met with our collaborators Ralph Michael and Justin D’antin, researchers from the Centro de Oftalmología Barraquer for the follow-up of the project “Bacterial nanocellulose to treat ocular surface disorders”. This multidisciplinary work aims at finding clinical applications of bacterial nanocellulose in the field of ophthalmology and is part of the doctoral thesis of Irene Anton.

Amanda assists to NANOGUNE WINTER SCHOOL 2019

Amanda Muñoz, master’s students at the N&N group, is participating on the nanoGUNE Winter School, which is held in the nanoGUNE facilities in San Sebastian (Spain). The School includes a combination of academic lectures, soft skills training sessions and hands-on lab practices. Amanda is learning about very diverse topics such us electrospinning, protein nanoparticles and photonics. We hope you enjoy the training and come back with fresh ideas!

Miquel Torras received an Extraordinary Master Prize!

Miquel Torras received an Extraordinary Master Prize from the University of Barcelona for his excellent marks during his MSc in Applied Materials Chemistry in this university (2016-2017). The ceremony took place last Tuesday, January 29, presided by the rector, Joan Elias. The University of Barcelona awarded, in the same ceremony, the honorary doctorate to two distinguished figures of European law: Luigi Ferrajoli, author of the relation between democracy and law, and Luciano Vandelli, first authority on administrative law and territorial organization.

Congratulations Miquel, you rock! 

Hot off the press: published article on Energy & Environmental Science!

The beginning of 2019 has been fruitful in terms of publications for the N&N group! Last 22nd January 2019 the article “Farming thermoelectric paper” was published on Energy & Environmental Science. This study has been carried out in collaborations with the NanOpto group at ICMAB. Congratulations to all the authors for this multidisciplinary work!

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Dr. Katherine A. Mirica will give a seminar on conductive MOFs

Next Monday 18th February 2019 at 12 pm, the ICMAB periodical lecture will be given by Dr. Katherine A. Mirica from the Dartmouth College (USA). She has been invited by Anna Laromaine and the title of the talk is: Conductive MOFs as Multifunctional Materials: Design, Properties, and Devices. Do not miss this nice opportunity to learn more about metal–organic frameworks!



Hot off the press: published paper on Nanoscale Horizons!

Our new publication Nanocellulose films with multiple functional nanoparticles in confined spatial distribution is already out! This work has been published on Nanoscale Horizons and describes a laminated multifunctional bacterial cellulose nanocomposite. Congratulations to all the authors for this original piece of work!

Nanocellulose films with multiple functional nanoparticles in confined spatial distribution

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