Author: Maite

C. elegans at the Fira de Recerca en Directe 2022 at CosmoCaixa Barcelona

Teenagers attended FiraDeRecerca at Cosmocaixa in order to expand their knowledge in Science. Different groups organized some scientific activities related to their work. Our group was represented by Dr Anna Laromaine, the PhD students Amanda Muñoz, Sumithra Srinivasan, Darla Mare and the master students….

They prepared four different activities showing how we use C. elegans as a tool for the bioevaluation of nanomaterials.

They were together with Dr. Esther Dalfó, who is using C. elegans as a model for revealing the principal molecular pathways involved in Parkinson disease.

Students were suprised by how a tiny worm can help us than much in science and they made a lot of interesting questions.

On Saturday another difference audienced came to cosmocaixa: families with their children, and our members had to adapt the activities for younger kids, but they really enjoy the activity.

You can find some more information here.

Welcome Oriol Escofet

Oriol Escofet is a master student from the UPC and he is joining to our group under the supervision of Pablo Guardia in his research topic:  “Size modification of silica-based mesoporous nanorods for biomedical applications”.

Welcome Mauricio Echeverría

Mauricio Echeverría is a materials engineer doing the MCs at the UPC and his work is focused on Porous graphene-nanoparticles composites for sensing applications under the supervision of Pablo Guardia. 



Celebrating 11F 2022 at ICMAB. International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Amanda Muñoz organized a Escape room called “Escape the Barriers” for the 11F Celebration at ICMAB.

Be prepared by a thrilling discovery of the spaces and labs of ICMAB through some women scientists of our history:

“Panic spreads at ICMAB, many laboratories are locked and nobody seems to have the keys to open them. Everybody starts suspecting about the Gender Equality Committee members: they behave strangely and 11F is near. Moreover, they have spread virtual notes around the building. Don’t worry, you will soon receive a link to help restore the order and continue your research work.”

Escape the Barriers

Conference at Aules Caldes “Delfí Dalmau i Argemir” by Dr. Anna Roig

On the 16th of February 2022 Dr. Anna Roig gave a conference entitled:   “Què és la Nanomedicina? Contribució d’aquesta disciplina en les vacunes de la COVID-19 i en altres aplicacions de diagnosi i teràpies mèdiques”  at  Sala de les cuines de l’Espai Can Rius, Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona).