Attendance to the International Magnifyco 2013 Workshop

MagnifycoLarge N&N Group attendance (Siming Yu, Muling Zeng, Nerea Murillo, Anna Laromaine and Anna Roig) at the Workshop organized in Barcelona (20-22 Feb) by the EC-NMP Project MAGNIFYCO.
Activities of our group were exposed as an invited lecture, an oral communication and a poster. We learnt a lot and set the grounds for new collaborations.


Elisa Carenza and Muling Zeng represented ICMAB at Nobel Campus “Chemistry for Life”.

nobel campusLast 1st to 4th of July took place in Tarragona the Nobel Campus “Chemistry for Life”. ICMAB was represented by two students Elisa Carenza and Muling Zeng.

They had the chance to interact with Nobel Laureates as Sidney Altman, Ryoji Noyori, Barry Sharpless, Aaron Ciechanover, Richard R. Schrock y Ada E.Yonath.

Prof. Ada E. Yonath was appointed as mentor of Elisa Carenza and Muling Zeng. They had the opportunity to present their work to Prof. Ada E. Yonath and she provided feedback and advice for their future career.

 Overall some extraordinary scientific days!


Group participation at Nanax5!

nnParticipation of The Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites Group at Nanax5 in Málaga with 3 posters and a flash presentation:

Poster: Synthesis and magnetoelectric properties of e-Fe2O3 nanoparticles. M. Gich, A. Roig.

Poster: Intrinsic magneto-optical response of 3D photonic-crystals infiltrated with magnetic nanocrystals. O. Pascu, J. M. Caicedo, A. García-Martín, V. Canalejas,  M. López,  C. López, A. Blanco, J. Fontcuberta, G. Herranz**, Anna Roig*

Flash and poster presentation: Peptides on gold as protease sensors and for supramolecular stamping. A. Laromaine, L. Koh, R. V. Ulijn, O. Akbulut, F. Stellacci, M. M. Stevens

Oral presentation of Anna Roig in Kolkata (India)

Great success in the oral presentation entitled “Engineering iron oxide nanoparticles for theranostic (therapeutic and diagnosis) applications in nanomedicine”.

Anna Roig delivered this seminar in the framework of ATHENA SCHOOL for advanced modeling of magnetic oxides, SN Bose Institute – Kolkata (India), 9th-12th April 2012.