Anna Roig at the HINT COST Action Final Meeting in Aveiro, Portugal

aveiroThe Final Meeting of the COST Action on Hybrid Interfaces (HINT) will take place on October 10-12, 2016, at the Reitoria building of the University of Aveiro, Portugal. The meeting aims at sharing the learned lessons on design, control, and dynamics of interfaces in hybrid organic-inorganic materials over the last four years in which the different partners have worked on this topics. 

Anna Roig will participate in the meeting and will give a talk on “Bio-screening of protein coated SPIONs: in vitro and in vivo by the C. elegans model” (Monday, October 10, 5.40 pm).

For more information on the agenda, please visit the conference webiste:




Call for papers for Spring Meeting MRS: Symposium NM3: Aerogels and Aerogel-Inspired Materials (Abstract deadline: October 13)

call-for-papersThe next Spring Meeting and Exhibit MRS will take place on April 17-21, 2017 in Phoenix, and it will include an interesting Symposim on Aerogels and Aerogel-Inspired Materials.

Call for papers is now open!! And abstract deadline is October 13,2016.

Don’t miss the opportunity to present your work and participate in the discussions with some of the best scientists in the topic!

For more information about the Symposium click here or go to the conference website:

Join us in Phoenix!

Martí Gich at the COMMON SENSE 36 Month meeting in Sardinia


Martí Gich is at the COMMON SENSE 36 Month meeting, which will take place in Oristano, Sardinia, on September 29-30. The COMMON SENSE project aims at developing low cost sensors that will revolutionise current marine monitoring strategies.

Please enjoy this short video featuring field testing of COMMON SENSE sensors, which have been testes in various cruises throughout the past year:

Website of the project:

Jordi Floriach attends the B·Debate on “Plant proteostasis: towards a green based industry” at CosmoCaixa, co-organized by CRAG


CosmoCaixa Barcelona hosts on September 27th and 28th a meeting of international researchers in basic and applied plant research focused on the development of new sustainable materials: “Plant proteostasis: towards a green based industry”.

The meeting is organized by B·Debate, an initiative of Biocat and Obra Social “la Caixa”, together with the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) (CSIC-IRTA-UAB-UB), and the COST Proteostasis action. 

Jordi Floriach, student from the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology degree at UAB and intern in our group under the supervison of Anna Laromaine, is attending this meeting, whose scientific leaders are L. Maria Lois and Núria Sànchez Coll, from CRAG and collaborators of the N&N Group


The purpose of these debates is to bring together multidisciplinary biotechnology experts to create synergies that would facilitate the transition from a fossil-dependent economy to a sustainable bioeconomy, but also to gain acceptance and support from the general public to carry out this transition. 

More information about the agenda and the speakers can be found here:

Anna Laromaine participates in a Thesis Defense Committee at ICN2

Thesis CommitteeSofía Rubio, Ph.D. student of the Inorganic Nanoparticles Group at ICN2, presented the thesis “Increasing the resolution at the nanobiointerface with engineering inorganic nanoparticles”, which was supervised by the Group Leader, Víctor F. Puntes. The presentation took place on September 23, at 11.30 am at the ICN2 Seminar Room. 

Anna Laromaine was part of the Thesis Defense Committee.

Farewell to Iván and Seminar of Esther Dalfo on biomedical applications of C. elegans

Iván GómezToday during the group meeting we said goodbye to Iván, who is leaving to continue his Ph.D. thesis in Colombia. Iván is a great chemist, who works with magnetic graphene for water decontamination. We wish him a lot of success in his thesis and in his future endeavours!

Esther Dalfo

On the other hand, Esther Dalfo gave us a nice talk on biomedical applications of C. elegans “Investigating neurodegeneration by using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans”. Esther is an Associate Researcher at the Institute of Neuroscience of the UAB, specialized in neurodegeneration and human genetics. Thank you! 

Group Meeting


The N&N Group at the Campus Gutenberg for scientific communication and culture

gutenbAnna May and Irene Anton have attended the Campus Gutenberg for scientific communication and culture during September 12-13, at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) – Campus Mar and at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB). 

The conference consisted of some interesting debates on “How to measure the excellence and the impact of science”, “Great discoveries and controversy in the media”, or “Science museums and schools: how to develop mutual relations”. The other sessions consisted of different workshops about science, education, communication, social media, etc. A special mention to the session by Ignacio Morgado (from the Institute of Neuroscience of the UAB) on “Perceptual illusions: is the world how we see it?“, in which he made the audience realize that a lot of what we see, smell, hear… is only in our brain. 

Fix the eye for one minute in the cross on the top-left side of the picture, and then move the eye to the right side. If everything works, you will see a greenish colour. Repeat for the bottom-left cross, and then you will see a yellow colour on the bottom-right. Does it work?

Also, a special mention for Escolab, a platform that organizes visits to Catalan research centers for secondary students, and Pendulum, an association that brings the kids to the nature for a scientific picnic in the middle of the Montseny Natural Park, among other scientific workshops and activities. 

Campus Gutenberg is organized by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)-Barcelona School of Management and Obra Social “la Caixa”. Collaborators of this edition are “Centro de Estudios de Ciencia, Comunicación y Sociedad” (CCS-UPF), the “Associació Catalana de Comunicació Científica” (ACCC), the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), and the Department of Experimental and Health Science of the UPF. 

For more info follow: #CGutenberg16 @beerforscience @ACCC_ @ccupf

Download the program of the conference here

The ICMAB Nano-Kit travels to UIMP with Anna Roig

Anna Roig gave a nano-lecture on nanomaterials at UIMP (Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo) within the course Nanotecnología: luces y sombras del control de la materia a escala atómica (Nanotechnology: lights and shadows of the control of matter at the atomic scale) on July 11th 2016. 

Afther the lecture, she showed the ICMAB Nano-Kit to the students, who really enjoyed the explanations and enjoyed having the opportunity to have a close look at real materials fabricated at ICMAB, such as silica aerogels, gold nanoparticles, grafene, carbon nanotubes, superconductors, bacterial cellulose or AFM tips.

This Nano-Kit is used in the program “Un investigador a la teva aula” (A researcher in your classroom) to show high-school students the research carried out at ICMAB and increase their passion for science. The Nano-Kit contains samples of up to 11 nanomaterials synthesized within different research groups at ICMAB, together with an explanation card of each one of them.  

Pedro Serena, researcher at the Institute of Materials Science of Madrid at CSIC and organizer of the UIMP course, posted a couple of the images on his facebook: 

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Anna Laromaine in the Advances in Functional Materials Conference in South Korea

koreaAnna Laromaine will give the talk “Multi structures using bacterial cellulose films” (Muling Zeng, Anna May-Masnou, Anna Roig, Anna Laromaine) in the Advances in Funcional Materials (AFM) Conference in Jeju, South Korea

The talk will be on Tuesday, August 9th, at 4.05 pm, within the Symposium 1: Advances in Multifunctional Composite Materials, at the International Convention Center (ICC) in Jeju (South Korea). Anna will also be Chair of a previous session of the same Symposium. 

Good luck! 

For further information, visit the conference website:
Or the conference program:
And the book of abstracts:

Anna Roig gives a nano-lecture at the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo in Santander


Anna Roig gives the lecture “Fabricación e integración de nanomateriales en productos y dispositivos” today July 11th, at the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, within the course Nanotecnología: luces y sombras del control de la materia a escala atómica (Nanotechnology: lights and shadows of the control of matter at the atomic scale).

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