Poster Prize for Anna May at the “Functional hybrid materials” workshop and training school in Stockholm

Poster Prize Anna May-MasnouPoster Prize for Anna May at the workshop and training school “Functional hybrid materials: Structure elucidation from molecular to macro level”, within the “Trends in Inorganic Chemistry (TINC)” series. 

Anna presented the poster Photocatalytic hybrid nanocomposites of bacterial cellulose and Au/TiO2 nanoparticles for hydrogen production”, a work in collaboration with the Institut de Tècniques Energètiques (INTE-UPC), and within the National Project Engineering Bacterial Cellulose (E-BCN).

This event, held in Stockholm University (May 25th-27th), was organized by the Division of Inorganic Chemistry of the Swedish Chemical Society, within the EU COST action MP1202 “Rational design of hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces: the next step towards advanced functional materials”. The Poster Prize was sponsored by the International Sol-Gel Society.

Jana Segmehl, from ETH Zurich, and who did an Internship in our group at ICMAB, also attended the workshop and presented the poster “Functional hybrid materials based on hierarchical structured cellulose scaffolds”, in which Anna Laromaine and Anna Roig are co-authors.

Jana and Anna

The program and speakers are available on the event website. A flyer of the event is found here. 

Event website: logo

Update 07/06/2016: The news appears on the International Sol-Gel Society webpage!

Update 06/10/2016: Picture of the participants in the HINT COST ACTION webpage!


Anna Roig invited to the Nano2016 conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina

nano2016-buenos aires

Anna Roig is in Buenos Aires this week, to attend the Nano 2016 conference. The topic of the conference is “Surfaces and Nanostructured Materials”

Anna will give a plenary lecture on Friday, May 13th (9:00 – 10:00 am), entitled “Bio-identity of protein-coated spions evaluated in cells and in vivo by the C. elegans model”

Before the conference, there is a school for graduate students and young researchers, in which she will give a lecture on “Introduction to medical imaging techniques and their relationship with nanotechnology”. This will be on Monday, May 9th (9:00 – 11:30 am).

Apart from the conference, Anna will take the opportunity to give three seminars in three different centers:

nano2016-buenos aires

New course! Nanotechnology: lights and shadows of the control of matter at the atomic scale

uimpAnna Roig will give a lecture in the new course of “Nanotechnology: lights and shadows of the control of matter at the atomic scale” organized by the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP), that will take place in Santander (Cantabria) between 11-15th July 2016. Anna’s lecture is entitled Manufacture and integration of nanomaterials in products and devices”.

If you would like to attend the course, specially recommended for 3rd and 4th year students of scientific degrees (but open to everybody), or for more information about the speakers and the program, please visit the course website.

Anna Laromaine gives a seminar on Nanomedicine in the 10alamenos9 festival

005_AL_modAnna Laromaine gave a seminar yesterday April 5th at the Facultat de Ciències-UAB, as part of the activities organized during the Festival of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (10alamenos9), in which the ICMAB collaborated. The topic of the seminar was Nanomedicine, which, according to Anna, is “the use of the nanotechnology for medical applications”, such as diagnosis, medical therapies, drug delivery, tissue regeneration, and the understanding of cellular systems. 

Other seminars during the festival included the following topics: Biosensors by Ma Isabel Pividori, Energy capture and thermoelectrics by Aitor Lopeandía (UAB), Nanoelectronics by Francesc Pérez-Murano (IMB-CNM), an Introduction to nanotechnology by Ma José Esplandiu (ICN2), and Nanotechnology and society by Jordi Pascual (UAB).

Anna Roig participates at a HINT Cost Meeting in Vilnius

hint image

Anna gave the presentation “Implications of surface coating SPIONs with a pre-form protein corona” at the HINT Workshop “Nanostructured materials: coatings, surface, bioceramics/-composites membranes” that has taken place in Vilnius, Lithuania 14-16th March 2016.  She also participated in the Management Committee Meeting of this COST Action.

Jana Segmehl was at the Bio-inspired Materials 2016 conference

csm_Bio-inspired-Programme_50733bead4Jana Segmehl gave a Short Poster Lecture at the Bio-inspired Materials 2016 conference, in Potsdam (Germany). Her poster was entitled “Wood derived hierarchical cellulose scaffolds for multifunctional materials” (J. Segmehl (Sp), A. Krasnobaev, T. Keplinger, I. Burgert, ETH, Zürich (Switzerland)). The work presented is part of her Ph.D. thesis, which she is doing at ETH Zurich. 

You can download the scientific program of the conference following this link

The N&N Group was at Mater Brunch: Fotocataliti-qué?

materfadThis last Thursday, Anna May, in representation of the N&N Group, went to “Mater Brunch: Fotocataliti-qué?“, a meeting about photocatalysis that took place at Materfad, the Materials Center in Barcelona. The topic of the session was the new materials based on photocatalysis that are being developed to improve the quality of life and of the urban environment.
Materfad organized a meeting between professionals, which counted with the experience of Breinco, Active Walls, FYM-Italcementi Group and the Iberian Association of Photocatalysis (AIF).
The program consisted of four presentations and a networking session accompanied by a buffet:
14:00: “Introducing the AIF (Iberian Association of Photocatalysis)” by David Almazán (Iberian Association of Photocatalysis).
14:15 h: “Photocatalysis inside buildings” by Jesús Serra (Active Walls).
14:30: “Key issues on cement-based photocatalytic products” by Rafael Jurado (FYM-Italcementi Group).
14:45 h: “Technology AirClean®: flooring and facades that reduce air pollution” by Gemma Pages (Breinco).
Although the meeting was basically dedicated to materials for construction (either indoors or outdoors), it is always good to know the priorities, state of the market and companies interested in photocatalysis, since our group is also working in this field. 
Some interesting facts that were mentioned were the high degree of contamination in big cities, such as Barcelona; the consequences of this high pollution in people’s health (high mortality), although people are not aware of it, or the fact that Barcelona does not comply with the existing NOx limits. 
Another think to take into account is that the air of our houses or workplaces (indoors), where we spend more than 95 % of our time, is also polluted, although we do not notice it.
The speakers mentioned that there are not conclusive results about the diminishment of the pollution when using these photocatalytic materials: experiments outdoors show results from 15 to 40 % of reduction of NOx, whereas experiments indoors show results up to 90 % reduction.



Anna Laromaine will give the next ICMAB Periodical Lecture


Next Monday, February 1st, at 12 pm, Dr. Anna Laromaine, member of our group, will give the ICMAB Periodical Lecture. Anna will talk about “Caenorhabditis elegans and bacterial cellulose: exploiting nature to build materials”.

Short abstract :
Many researches have been inspired by nature, from the synthesis of materials mimicking our environment to the evaluation of materials using in vivo animal models. In this talk, I will briefly introduce two approaches that we have been working recently in the group.
First, I will present the use of the small animal model, Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans). The characteristics of this model organism endorse this 1 mm long nematode as an ideal living system for the primary screening of engineered nanoparticles in a standard synthetic laboratory. I will present how using the worm, we assessed iron oxide nanoparticles in a simple and facile way.
On the other hand, I will present how a bacterial strain can produce cellulose (named bacterial cellulose (BC)), of the same molecular formula as vegetal cellulose; however exhibiting a higher degree of polymerization and better crystallinity. BC also has high porosity, transparency in the UV-NIR and a high water holding capacity. I will show how we controlled its structure and fabricate nanocomposites that can respond to external stimulus.

“Caenorhabditis elegans and bacterial cellulose: exploiting nature to build materials”
By: Dr. Anna Laromaine 
Date: Monday, 1st February
Time: 12 pm
Place: ICMAB Meeting room

Anna Roig will present at NanoBio&Med2015


NanoBio&Med 2015 to be held in Barcelona 18-20 Nov  is going to present the most recent international developments in the field of Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine and will provide a platform for multidisciplinary communication, new cooperations and projects to participants from both science and industry. Emerging and future trends of the converging fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology and medicine will be discussed among industry, academia, governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Anna will talk on the bio-identity of albumin-iron oxide nanoparticles on the 19th Nov at 16:20 h.

More information at the event webpage: