Hot off the press: New publication in Renewable Energy!

New paper New Carbons derived from alcohol-treated bacterial cellulose with optimal porosity for Li–O2 batteries has been published in the journal Renewable Energy.

N&N Group members: Soledad Roig, Anna Laromaine and Anna Roig co-authored the publication in collaboration with another group at ICMAB.


Porous carbons are important cathode materials for metal-air batteries, but the most usual methods to prepare these porous structures are complex and of high cost. We have prepared porous carbons from bacterial cellulose (BC) hydrogels by a simple water-alcohol solvent exchange before carbonization. Alcohol treatment facilitates looser and more open structures than untreated BC, resulting in porous carbon structures with high surface area, appropriate for electrochemical applications. Used as cathodes in lithium-oxygen batteries, the carbon derived from 1-butanol treated BC has excellent discharge capacity (5.6 mA h cm−2) and good cycle life. This work presents a sustainable, straightforward and fast way to prepare porous carbon materials from BC.

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