Huge participation of N&N group in 11F activities!

A huge number of activities were organized this year to celebrate Women in Science Day, which is the 11th of February. This year it was the fifth anniversary of the 11F initiative, and four of our group members went virtually to different schools to talk about how they became scientists and to show them important women scientist figures

Nerea Murugarren went to Escola Jesuïtes Casp-Sagrat Cor de Jesús, where she was in 6 classes with  students around 12 years old. She highlights that students were surprised that there were not women scientist in their books. 


Andrea Stephany went to Ins M. Carrasco i Formiguera, where she received many questions about COVID-19 and which kind of obstacles she has found in order to be a scientist. They wanted Andrea to be involved in the development of a COVID vaccine. She showed them how to dress up in order to work in a clean room. 


Darla Mare went to l’Institut Escola 3 d’Abril and she explained to students how to be a scientist and her Master thesis topic. 


Amanda Muñoz-Juan went to IES La Laboral in Murillo, where she was talking about important female figures in engineering and biotechnology. She was really happy because one girl told her that after her talk she was encouraged to pursue a biomedicine degree. 


Apart from these science outreach activities, ICMAB organized talks and a trivia quiz about women in science. We are glad to announce that Miquel Torras and Jan Grzelak won first place. They will receive a 50€-ticket for a bookshop. 


Finally, one of our students, Amanda Muñoz-Juan appeared in an interview of El Periodico. She explained who was her role model when she was a kid. However, she clarified that now she has other role models such as her co-workers. You can take a look at this interview where other scientists also talked about their role models, by registering to the webpage (it is free!)


We are looking forward to the next 11F!

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