New students at N&N Group!

We are pleased to announce the incorporation of three new students that will work on their final degree projects in the N&N Group. Meet Judith, Roger and Pere.


Judith Marín

Hi everyone! My name is Judith Marin and I am a last-year student of Chemistry at UAB. I’m joining ICMAB to do my final degree project and I am working together with Amanda Muñoz and Anna Laromaine, trying to synthesize and characterize deuterated bacterial cellulose. Although my career is more focused on the branch of chemistry, I am very excited to get a little more information about biology and medical applications that interested me a lot.

Besides science, I also love sports. I am passionate about basketball, I am a player and a coach too for many years and I have to say that little by little I am becoming more fan of paddle. In my spare time, I like cooking, watching a series or repeating a movie that I have already seen hundreds of times before.

I hope you have to know me a little more! I am delighted to have the opportunity to work here and learn a lot of this experience! See you!



Roger Godayol

My name is Roger Godayol Druguet and I’m currently an undergraduate chemistry student at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. I’m in my last year of the career and I will be working on the last project of my degree at the ICMAB for a few months, under the supervision of Martí Gich. This project is a research consisting in growing goethite monocrystals using counter-diffusion methods so as to obtain crystals that are large enough for their electrical, magnetic, etc. properties to be analyzed.





Pere Garriga

I’m 22 years old from Mollet del Valles, Barcelona, and currently I’m studying a Chemistry degree at the UAB. I’m a chess player in my free time and I also enjoy any other kind of sport such as running.

I’ll be doing my last year’s university project on a glucose biosensor based on bacterial cellulose and silk in collaboration with this department and CNM.





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