Welcome Vinod!

N&N group has a new postdoc! It is Vinod V K Thalakkatukalathil from India.

Vinod received his PhD degree in Microwave Electronics (waves and materials) from Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO),Brest,France. From 2018-2019 he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the interdisciplinary research institute: Xlim (UMR CNRS 7252), Limoges, France.

In N&N  group, Vinod will be working with Martí Gich as a postdoctoral researcher in the ERC project FeMiT: Ferrites-by-design for Millimeter waves and Terahertz Technologies. He will be working in a dedicated lab in ICMAB, equipped with a vector network analyzer, quasi-optical system and continuous wave terahertz spectrometer, for the EM characterization of ferrite materials from millimeter wave to sub-terahertz frequencies.

Vinod´s research interests include material characterization techniques (microwave to sub-terahertz frequencies), electromagnetic (EM) modeling, EM wave propagation studies, phase transition/phase change materials, and design and development of microwave/millimeter wave devices.

We hope that you will enjoy your time at N&N Group!

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