Amanda Muñoz-Juan was invited to FEMENINO PLURAL

Our Ph.D. student Amanda Muñoz-Juan was invited to FEMENINO PLURAL. Femenino Plural is an initiative of the digital journal Rioja2, an important media in La Rioja, Spain. The podcasts, available here,  give the opportunity to different women that have something to say that have found their place or are fighting to find it.

For this episode, they focused on women in science due to the celebration of the 11th of February (International Day of Women and Girls in Science). At the beginning of the podcast, there is an interesting round table with María Rodríguez and Natalia Medrano, professors at Universidad de La Rioja, and María del Toro, a researcher at CIBIR.

After that, our student discussed with the journalist Ester Fernández the position of women in Science and Universities. The student said she was nervous but very pleasant to this journal for counting with her for this initiative. She highlighted that women are in a better position than before, but there is still too much work to improve.

She also mentioned that she has noticed how the number of women in leadership positions has increased in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona since she started her bachelor’s in Biotechnology in 2014.

We invite you to see the video.