Remember when… Anna Laromaine was a postdoc at Harvard University with George Whitesides in 2008-2011

Anna shows her 3D cell cultures. Ref: Mètode, 2010.

We release this new section today: Remember when…

And we start the section with Anna Laromaine. When she was a postdoc at George Whitsides Research Group at Harvard University (2008-2011), Pere Estupinyà interviewed George Whitesides for the monography “Nano: transforming the world with nanotechnology” from the magazine Mètode, the science outreach magazine written in Catalan from the University of Valencia. 

Apart from interviewing the professor, Pere Estupinyà visited the lab and talked to the Ph.D. students and postdoc fellows that were working there. This is when he talked with Anna Laromaine about the projects she was developing: 3D cells culture, and paper strips as biosensors for diagnosis

You can find the interview here: (available in Catalan, Spanish and English)

And the PDF in Catalan: NANO: Transformant el món amb la nanotecnologia

Anna also appeared in Pere Estupinyà’s blog “Apuntes científicos desde el MIT”: 
In the last paragraph, Pere says “But I cannot end this post without mentioning the conversation with Anna over lunch. Anna perfectly represents the Spanish scientist eager to return home to do research, file patents, and help in the generation of both knowledge and wealth. After budget cuts a couple of weeks ago, she sees it increasingly difficult.” But she is back! Anna managed to go back to her country and be a scientist! Congratulations.

Anna shows some paper strips that are used in diagnosis. Ref: Mètode, 2010.