Jan presented an ICMAB seminar on face masks – materials and reusability

Face masks are still one of the key factors helping us face the current COVID-19 pandemic, and have been part of the conversation since the first responses to the virus started to appear. The other key factor is physical distancing. Jan Grzelak, a PhD student in N&N Group, has presented an Online ICMAB Seminar on the current knowledge we have on the materials used to create masks and their reusability.

You can watch the recording of the seminar here.

Jan based most of the data for his Seminar on the work of Professors Supratik Guha (Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago; Argonne National Laboratory) and Yi Cui (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University). Jan’s research is not about this topic,but he wanted to address it due to it being a very important topic in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, and looked for information regarding face masks from the point of view of materials science.  

Stay safe!


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